I (We) Must Not Hate!

FEAR first step to hatred

I, as a Jew, cannot forget the Holocaust.

What is it that turns friends into enemies, neighbours into strangers, and leads otherwise decent human beings to rob others, first of their humanity and then of their lives?

Each case is different, but it seems to me that it begins with fear.

When the world changes, and not for the better, people start worrying about what the future holds. Fear is the most ancient and powerful of all human instincts, and usually it seeks an object, something to focus on. When you hear the words, “It’s all the fault of” – the fault of the Jews, the Muslims, the Tutsis, anyone – that’s when the alarms should start ringing. Because if history teaches anything, it is that it doesn’t take evil men to commit evil deeds.

All it takes is fear and a willingness to blame…

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