BASIC CHRISTIANITY (even for "Dummies")

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Submitter’s Note:
Here are my brief notes (in point form) from my yellow Good News Bible that I thought I’d share. I hope they may encourage and perhaps even inspire you, as they do me. So enjoy…
Jesus is a focus for my faith

“Do your best and let God do the rest.”

“If these words are true, then God will make a way.”

What are we here for?
This was a question asked by a 4 year old child (as relayed by my friend, Lindsay)

“The only way God can speak on planet earth is through people…like you and I
“I want to be a nobody for Jesus.”

“Greatness is forged in the valley(s) of adversity.”

Say: “This will all work out for my ultimategood. You’ll see!”

“What you think about grows.”
– Philippians4:8
Barnabas- son of encouragement. Build a ministry of reconciliation.
Mother Teresa

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