Article Title: A Book “Review”: Building Bridges: Christianity and Islam (by Fouad Elias Accad)

Together, brick by brick, one small step at a time let’s start tearing down these walls between the West , the East and eventually reach the Middle!

Submitted by: Craig Lock

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A Book “Review”: Building Bridges: Christianity and Islam by Fouad Elias Accad (Paperback)

Muslim converts to Christianity are not usually well-received in their communities. Many families make the new converts choose between Christianity and family. Some countries actually consider it a capital offense to convert to Christianity. But what if there was a way to reach out to Muslims which would not turn them away and would allow them to remain in their communities as witnesses? In Building Bridges Fouad Elias Accad sets forth what he sees as a possible method for reaching the Muslim where they are without alienating them from family or community.

Accad grew up in Lebanon in the Greek Orthodox church. He spent a large portion of his life studying the Qur’an and Islamic life. He claims a sixty per cent success rate for conversions allowing the Muslim to remain in their community. Any missionary to Islam who does not understand the Qur’an and Islamic culture will see little or no success. But the missionary who understands the Qur’an and Islamic culture will be able to show the Muslim, from the Qur’an, how Jesus could be God. And that is the key to success according to Accad, reaching the Muslim where they are. Muslims and Christians both worship one God. In fact, they have much in common. Although the history between Muslims and Christians has been strained at best, it doesn’t have to be that way. This book supplies readers with the information, concrete examples, and insights necessary when dialoguing with Muslims.

This review is from: Building Bridges: Christianity and Islam

From the beginning of this book you know the author has a true love for Islamic people. Once you have read it, I hope you will feel closer to them yourselves. I would warrant that a great majority of the Christian community has no idea what Muslim’s really believe. Because they do not believe in Christ as God, most simply write them off as unbelievers and give them and their religion no further thought. This book will open your eyes to the fact that Christians and Muslims have a basis for religious dialogue. The author states that this book is not for Muslims, but for Christians who desire to share Christ with Muslim friends. The key word here is “friends”. This book shows that by building friendship through a true caring of his/her Muslim friend a Christian can lay a foundation that allows the sharing of ones beliefs. This book isn’t written to confront the disbelieving Muslim with his unbelief , but to build a trusting relationship with him/her that allows you to, lovingly, share Christ. (My thought; From my research I believe that generally Muslims are fascinated by the life and death of Jesus and many followers of Mohammad desire to know far more about him…and WHY most followers elevate him so highly… without attempting to change their beliefs about Jesus, of course!). Accad’s book really opened my eyes to the fact that Christians and Muslims are not a million miles apart from one another, but that there are “bridges” that can be crossed in a caring manner. (My good friend, ‘The Prophet” who has stiudied Islam says Muslims and Christians agree on about 90% of each others beliefs)

A Muslim acquaintance of mine once said that there are 3 holy peoples: Christians, Jews, and Muslims. This book shows this isn’t the random thought of one Muslim but that there can be a connection between Muslims and Christians that allows for the Muslim to share his deep trust in God and the Christian to share the gift of Christ’s love and plan for all mankind.



I hope that this information may be of interest to you…and perhaps get you thinking about these “deep and serious subjects”… and that’s my reason for sharing.

Religion divides; whereas truth unites.”

“The way we live is far more important than what we believe.”

“Those of us who long for moderation will continue to hope for understanding of complex issues with reasoned dialogue and a spirit of understanding between different faiths.”

Humanity has far more in common than our differences, what separates us.



Walk your OWN path to Highest Truth and be happy

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Former Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa Desmond Tutu once said these wise and inspiring words: “We have come to a time in the history of the world, where we need to rediscover the path to peace, and the path to peace can never be war. This pathway is lined with the concept of co-existence and co-inhabitance of the world.”

“A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the soul of a nation, long supressed, finds utterance.” – Jahrulal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India

“It is time for people of good will from every faith, culture and nation to recognise that a terrible danger threatens humanity. We must set aside the partisan bickering between nations and join together to confront the danger that lies before us. Let us seek common ground between peoples around the globe… because what unites us is far more important than what divides us.”

“There is neither east nor west, tribe nor ethnicity, male or female, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist. Christian nor Jew. There is only a God-filled humanity.”

“Let each one of us build bridges rather than barriers, openness rather than walls. Let us look at distant horizons together in a spirit of acceptance, helpfulness, co-operation and peace. Let our leaders look at the future with a vision to see things not as they are, but what they could one day become.”

Let us build bridges rather than barriers, openness rather than walls. Rather than borders, let us look at distant horizons together…in the common spirit of the value and dignity of a shared personhood – our common humanity as citizens of planet earth.”

– craig

“When people’s hearts are full of love, the world is filled with hope.”

“With passion and purpose in our individual lives we can touch others and in so doing illuminate the hearts and minds of humanity to make a better world (through helping raise the ‘collective consciousness’). Let us encourage our leaders towards an alternate vision for the world to embrace: one that banishes the fanatical ideology of intolerance and hatred to the darkness from which it emerged. Each one of us in our own little ways can offer (and most importantly, LIVE) this compelling new horizon: a bright future of justness and justice, tolerance, respect for other traditions and values. Especially a vision of hope and thoughts of peace fuelled by the eternal flame of love, which can light the darkest night… always “ – me

“Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice I can help the greatest of all cause goodwill among men and peace on earth.”

– Albert Einstein

“What we believe is not nearly as important as how we relate, interact with each other… and how we live. Only when we can say, ‘I am first and foremost a human being, and second a Jew, Muslim, Shi’ite, a Sunni, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, or a Sikh …’ will we progress and break down barriers between peoples, nations and cultures, east and west. Let not our beliefs , but our shared humanity (ALL of us) define who we really are.”

– craig

About the submitter:

In his various writings, little by little, one mind, one heart, one soul at a time, Craig strives to break down and economic, social, cultural and religious barriers. Craig believes that whilst we should celebrate our differences, what we share in the form of our common humanity is way more important than what divides us. He is currently “writing” ‘Jesus Meets Muhammad’.

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The submitter’s blogs (with extracts from his various writings: articles, books and new manuscripts) are at + so many others I can’t keep track (obsessive or WHAT!)

Together, one mind, one heart, one life, one small step at a time, let’s plant the seeds, the hope of a better and brighter future.

“Let not our different beliefs set us apart as human beings, but rather let our shared humanity be what defines and unites us as common citizens of our planet.”

“Instead of the limits of borders (of countries and of our minds) let us and our leaders expand our sense of possibility… and together let’s look at building bridges to distant horizons, far and great. Lord, help us all lift our eyes a little higher.”

– craig

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